iGrandDesigner is a spline-based freeform geometric modeller which includes a world class sketcher, full boolean operations, rounds and offsetting (optionally using true offset surfaces). Functionality ranges from very high level (creating advanced parts from sketch geometry for example) to very low level (cutting and stitching individual surfaces for example). Use the Sketcher to draw curves and profiles that you constrain (tangency, length, angle etc.) as you draw. Round part edges in seconds. Write text (which can be extruded as offset surfaces) in any available font right on 3d freeform geometry. Create hierarchies via drag-and-drop in the Outliner window. Precisely place sketches, models and hierarchies via the easy-to-use geometric constraints engine OR use the even easier, Move and Rotate mouse drag operations.  

iGrandDesigner compliments the software you work with. Things that take hours or days in CAD and other modelling software take just minutes in iGrandDesigner. The same applies to learning: minutes, not days or months. Design something cool, print it as an image (jpg, tiff or png) or export it in collada (dae) or stereolithography (stl) file formats for import into modelling or 3d printing software. 

iGrandDesigner makes design easy. 

Available at the Apple App Store!

How to create a simple bowl in iGrandDesigner.

Editing a surface texture in iGrandDesigner.

Add 3d text to a cup in iGrandDesigner

Smoothing adjacent faces along their common edge in iGrandDesigner.

Sweeping a profile along a surface in iGrandDesigner.

Boolean Subtract operation in iGrandDesigner.

Modelling a handle via an extruded tube in iGrandDesigner.